Use of Independent Contractors in Clinical Research


Independent contractors are an integral part of the clinical trial industry and are used from top to bottom. Contract research organizations (CROs) and other suppliers who assist in the conduct of clinical studies frequently use independent contractors. Research monitors, coordinators, data administrators, and statisticians are a few examples of these independent contractors that directly support clinical trial operations. Site and patient service suppliers often employ independent contractors as well, this may include traveling nurses, patient coordinators, and travel specialists.

By using independent contractors instead of full-time workers, businesses can access specialist knowledge as needed while simultaneously keeping expenses under control.

Additional Considerations

  • Most independent contractors can be deployed on-demand.
  • Independent contractors must meet specific requirements such as insurance, licensing, compliance with InfoSec controls, GCP, etc…
  • Management of independent contractors adds an additional layer and includes contracting, scheduling/deployment, payments, tax reporting, and quality management.

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