Study Analysis – Site Payment Automation

This post analyzes the effects of automation on payments to research sites for their work on a clinical trial. The focus of automation targeted visit related payments, which represent the bulk of site payments and are directly attributable to clinical trial data that is collected during each visit. Sites enter data into the study EDC, EDC reports are ingested, and invoices are automatically created with costs determined based on individual Site CTAs and CRF completion. Invoices are then immediately available for approval, and payments are remitted automatically once approved with a 24hr delivery timeframe into the Sites account. 

In Summary:

Study Statistics:

  • 14-month duration
  • 120 Sites
  • 1200 enrolled patients
  • 3 visits per patient
  • Site CTAs included:
    • Startup/closeout, visit, and invoiceable fees
    • Additional complexities: Screenfail ratios, withholding, overhead
  • Pay-by-Visit (vs pay-by-procedure)


95% of all line items were auto-generated into invoices without Site or Sponsor intervention. These invoices did not require Sites to manually create from scratch, and provided assurance for the Sponsor that billable activities and associated costs were accurate and immediately approvable. Out of 10,200 line items, only 5 line items required adjustment after payment had been made. The additional complexities that included screen fail ratios, withholding, and overhead costs that varied by Site, make a manual payment process even less accurate and require additional oversight from Sites and Sponsors.