Study Analysis: Pay-by-Procedure vs Pay-by-Visit

Pay by Procedure vs. Pay by Visit

Pay-by-Procedure was implemented in a study because it was anticipated that actual procedures performed would be less than budgeted for the majority of visits. The data below was compiled using a cross section of data from a study that was 15% complete at the time. The question is, so far has it been “worth” it?

Since we’re looking for broad strokes (we’ll complete a final analysis post study) we took the top four Sites (total paid) and analyzed what they were paid vs budgeted CTA line items.

Study Statistics:

      • 18-month duration
      • 85 Sites
      • 1900 enrolled patients
      • 8 visits per patient


So far, the decision to pay-by-procedure has turned out to be a win-win for all parties. Sites are happy because they are being paid every two weeks, for data entered over the previous two weeks. The Sponsor is happy for the cost avoidance that more than pays for the additional fees charged by Block Clinical, along with the granularity of payment data all parties have access to.