Safe-to-Site Initiative

Patient Support Program

Safe-to-Site Initiative.
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  1. Dedicated patient coordinators are available by phone, email or text before, during, and after each Visit
  2. Travel is prepaid and pre-arranged through Block Clinical’s network of Suppliers
  3. A Duty-of-Care program runs in the background 24/7/365, and issues an alert to the patient coordinator should an event occur in the areas where a patient is traveling
  4. Above and beyond safety protocols in place to ensure the highest levels of risk avoidance during travel
  5. Distribution of Travel Kits containing such items as: face mask, reusable water bottle, hand sanitizer, spray sanitizer, and sanitizer wipes

“It’s reassuring to know that every precaution has been taken to minimize my risk of exposure, and that if something were to happen, anything… that there are resources in place should I need it.”

– Concerned Patient

Block Clinical Suppliers. Above and Beyond.
– – – – Travel

A bespoke network of travel and logistics suppliers that demonstrate extraordinary corporate responsibility and work to reduce risks associated with travel during clinical trial participation.
New services are being added daily, based on the needs of our Patients, Sites, and clinical trials.

Travel Supplier Highlights
All Suppliers
Maintain Escalated Pandemic Response


Meet/Exceed CDC, WHO, EPA Guidelines


Sanitization of Cabin


HEPA Cabin filters


Non-Commercial Air Medical Available


Ground Transportation
Door-to-door service


Sanatizes vehicle


Sanatizes drivers


Medical Certified Drivers – CPR, other


Medical Equipment Onboard




Long Term Stay


“The last thing I want is for patients to lose access to our clinical trials who some look at as a care option, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure patients don’t have to worry if they choose to participate in our trial during times like these.”

– Clinical Trial Sponsor

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