Single Point of Contact

Block Clinical provides a single point of contact for Patients and Sites who support them throughout their journey, from start to finish. Whether a Visit takes place at a research Site, at a patients home, or virtually we support them each step of the way.

“Connecting my clinical trial participant with Block Clinical services definitely facilitated faster and smoother logistics. Reimbursement was very quick and non-stressful for both patient and study team.”

– City of Hope Study Coordinator

All Patient & Site Support Suppliers Under One Umbrella

Think of technology as the foundation for strategic patient and site support programs. Block Clinical integrates with enterprise clinical trial management systems, EDCs, accounting systems and a host of logistical suppliers to provide essential solutions to patients and sites:

  • Centralized patient and site database captures, protects, and transfers vital logistical and spend data
  • Real-time reporting engine enables trial managers to analyze activities and spend data as it happens
  • Budgeting, predictive spend modeling and reconciliation
  • Integrated logistics booking and payments
  • Direct integrations with patient and site logistics suppliers
  • Patient travel policy, workflow and approval automation
  • Facilitate communication between patients, caregivers, sites, and coordinators
  • Unparalleled financial oversight of spend with “fund as you go” models that reduce cash outlays

Strategic Patient Support Programs

By working together, we can improve the experience for patients and caregivers who volunteer their time to help bring new cures to market by standardizing our approach to supporting them. By layering service, policy, and technology we can create efficient, overarching programs that carry high ROI for our Sponsors, and high quality in the eyes of our patients and sites.

Top 3 benefits of a Strategic Patient Support Program:

  1. Greater understanding of patient logistics and financial data through improved transparency across entire portfolios of clinical trials
  2. Achieve cost savings through repeatable, efficient models that work across all patient populations and trial types
  3. Increased enrollment and retention rates lead to improved trial performance

Partner with Block Clinical

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