Built From The Ground Up

Block Clinical understood from the beginning that intuitive technology that integrates openly with other systems and suppliers is the key to a streamlined, affordable solution. By offering a host of logistics suppliers and adaptive payment workflows under one umbrella we have eliminated much of the manual processes that weigh study teams down.


We embrace integrations; working with other systems, not replacing them.  Any supplier who is paid in a clinical trial can be integrated with our system in a way that automates workflows and payments resulting in a highly efficient process that cuts manual efforts.

End-To-End Security

In support of patients, either simple solutions or complex, our integrations with global logistics suppliers allows study teams to have a one-stop shop from everything from global travel logistics to payments and reimbursements. All of which are done through our highly secure platform ensuring all PII is protected at all times  unlike manual processes. And because all transactions are completed within our system, each is captured in real time so study managers can not only see all spend as it happens, but also have up to the day reporting across all spend categories.

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