Maximize patient enrollment and retention through streamlined Patient Support services

The primary goal of any strategic Patient Support program is to ensure enrollment and retention targets are achieved by simplifying participation for the patient.

What can Sponsors do to improve enrollment and retention rates?


  • Minimize out-of-pocket expenses for ground, hotel, air, parking and provide immediate reimbursement for miscellaneous expenses


  • Personal, high-touch, travel logistics support services
  • Vetted service providers and supplier management program ensure quality service


  • Project trial participation expenses accurately
  • Monitor costs in real-time


  • Build relationships with sites to ensure effective training and utilization
  • Provide updates to Sponsor and CROs as Visits are completed
  • Facilitate communication between site, patient, and patient support coordinators


  • High touch, empathetic, personal service
  • Proactive, responsive, precise, highly competent


  • Expertise in medical travel
  • Global reach with local delivery

In conclusion, I’d like to ask a few questions, please comment below and let us know what you think.

  1. What would it take for all patients who enroll in clinical trials to pay $0 out-of-pocket and zero time spent worrying about how they’ll get to their next Visit?
  2. What if a Sponsor decided to flip the switch today, what are some of the issues they’d face to establish a global, standardized patient support program across their organization?
  3. Can anyone guess at what a program like this would cost (per patient or per Visit) using commonly available solutions in today’s market? What would the cost need to be to allow Sponsors to support all patients, each and every visit, across all trial types?
    In my next post we’ll talk in more detail about three key areas, the building blocks of a successful patient support program if you will.

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