Integrating Lyft Healthcare as an Affordable On-demand Transportation Provider for Clinical Trial Participants: A Move Towards Enhanced Patient Experience

SAN DIEGONov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Block Clinical Inc., a leading innovator in the clinical trial industry, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Lyft Healthcare, to revolutionize the transportation experience for clinical trial participants. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in improving patient care and access to critical medical research, reaffirming our commitment to patient-centric innovation.

Clinical trials are a crucial aspect of medical research, driving advances in healthcare and offering potential life-saving treatments. However, participants often face logistical challenges, including transportation, that can impede their participation and, in turn, the progress of the trials. The integration of Lyft as a transportation provider for clinical trial participants promises to alleviate these challenges and unlock a range of benefits:

  • Accessibility and Convenience: Patients of all trial types will have access to a convenient and reliable mode of transportation. With Lyft’s healthcare focused solutions, rides can be pre-scheduled or delivered on-demand, ensuring they arrive on time for appointments, which is essential to the success of clinical trials.
  • Reduced Burden: Transportation barriers can be a significant burden for clinical trial participants. By partnering with Lyft Healthcare, we aim to reduce the stress and financial burden associated with traveling to and from medical facilities, ultimately improving adherence to treatment schedules.
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: Offering an accessible and user-friendly transportation solution can significantly enhance patient engagement and satisfaction, making it more likely that participants will complete the trial successfully.
  • Data Quality: Ensuring participants attend their appointments as scheduled is crucial for the integrity of clinical trial data. By integrating Lyft Healthcare, we can enhance data quality by improving patient retention and reliability, leading to more accurate research outcomes.
  • Safety and Comfort: Lyft Healthcare places a strong emphasis on safety, with rigorous background checks and safety measures for drivers. This partnership will provide clinical trial participants with a safe and comfortable ride experience, contributing to their overall well-being.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Streamlining transportation logistics through Lyft Healthcare can lead to cost savings for both patients and trial sponsors, making clinical trials more accessible and affordable for all. Block Clinical’s mission is to ensure that all trial participants, across all trial types receive the necessary support they deserve.

Block Clinical and Lyft Healthcare share a common vision of putting patients first and making clinical trials more accessible. This collaboration represents a significant step in achieving that vision. We are confident that the integration of Lyft Healthcare as a transportation provider for clinical trial participants will have a lasting positive impact on the clinical trial industry and, most importantly, on the lives of clinical trial participants.

“Through our partnership with Block Clinical trial participants will be able to tap into the Lyft network via Lyft Concierge or Lyft Pass for Healthcare, both of which will be seamlessly integrated into the patient journey,” said Buck Poropatich, Head of Lyft Healthcare.  “Unfortunately, securing transportation has been a persistent challenge for participants – together we hope to eliminate this barrier and provide a more accessible trial.”

We look forward to offering Lyft as an option to all of our Clients and further strengthening our commitment to advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes.

Offering low cost, high quality transportation options for our trial participants gets us one step closer to our mission to ensure all patients across all trial types receive the support they deserve.” said Zac Carr, CEO of Block Clinical Inc.

For more information about this exciting partnership and how it will benefit clinical trial participants, please contact Eric Nier at

About Block Clinical Inc:
Block Clinical’s trial logistics and payment automation platform delivers integrated services ranging from site and patient payments to high-touch patient and site convenience services that improve satisfaction, whether the trial is conducted at a research site, at a patients home, or virtually. The result is an enhanced trial experience for patients and caregivers that maximizes performance, engagement, and quality of clinical trials.

About Lyft:
Lyft Healthcare is one of the largest providers of non-emergency medical transportation services in the United States, providing access to reliable rides for millions of eligible patients and clinical trial participants who lack transportation. Thousands of healthcare organizations partner  — including nine of the top 10 NEMT managers, nine of the top 10 health systems, the top 10 health plans, and large clinical trial platforms  —  with Lyft Healthcare to reduce costs, improve the patient experience, and expand access to care.