Elevating Success: The Crucial Role of Customer Satisfaction Programs in Companies

We’re all aware that customer satisfaction plays a key role in the success and growth of any business. Happy customers are imperative, and how they feel about your company can be viewed as the sum of everything you did for them. Benefits of high customer satisfaction to a business:

  1. Customer loyalty and retention
  2. Referrals to potential new clients
  3. Testimonials and standardized satisfaction metrics

Block Clinical implemented a standardized approach to collecting customer satisfaction at various levels of our process. The objective for the company is to:

  1. Establish baseline metrics and desired goals
  2. Collect and report survey results transparently and to all linked parties
  3. Identify our cheerleaders and collect testimonials  
  4. Identify our detractors and reach out to learn more

New technical features were built into app.blockclinical.com to facilitate the collection and reporting of survey data. Block Clinical will implement its program as outlined below, while also providing our Clients use of this new tool to routinely survey sites, patients, and caregivers after important milestones. Block Clinical will focus on the following (3) customer types, and will survey after the events listed below have occurred:

  1. Client
    1. Onboarding
    2. Quarterly recurring
    3. Study closeout
  2. Site
    1. Onboarding
    2. Quarterly recurring
    3. Study closeout
  3. Patient/Caregiver
    1. Onboarding
    2. Visit
    3. Study exit

Block Clinical approach to surveying starts with a simple Net Promoter Score (NPS) style question with additional logic that asks for written testimonials, sends follow-up surveys, or initiates direct outreach to a survey respondent.  

In conclusion, Block Clinical desires to grow its business while continually improving its service and software. Happy customers lead to new sales, just as unhappy customers lead to new opportunities for improvement. A standard approach with consistent metrics will yield valuable data that will help Block Clinical continue its mission.