Clinical Trial Transportation

Clinical Trial Transportation Why is Transport Needed for Clinical Trial Participants?  Clinical trial participants, which include patient volunteers and their caregivers often travel to research sites throughout their participation in the study. These "sites" could be a few miles away, or in some cases [...]

Powered by Block Clinical

Q: What does "Powered by Block Clinical" mean? First and foremost, it's important to understand that we are advocates for clinical trial participants - this includes research sites, the patients and caregivers they support, and the myriad of suppliers that come together to deliver products [...]

Safe-to-Site Initiative

Safe-to-Site Initiative Patient Support Program Safe-to-Site Initiative. Home ← - - - - → Site Dedicated patient coordinators are available by phone, email or text before, during, and after each Visit Travel is prepaid and pre-arranged through Block Clinical’s network of Suppliers A Duty-of-Care [...]

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