Budget & Forecast

Give us the opportunity to compete with your current set-up. We love a good challenge. Calculate your costs below.

Quickly get a glimpse of your true cost for logistical services from patient transportation to site payments, our budgeting tool allows trail managers to forecast and understand the true cost of patient and site support.  Enterprise versions are built to be specific to protocols and schedule of events.

Calculate your trial costs.

Total Visits per Enrolled Patient

Actionable Items, At Your Fingertips

Through the Block Clinical platform, many logistical tasks can be performed proactively, paid for in real time and accounted for at monthly reconciliation. Whether you are booking a ride for a patient, or running a statistical comparison of site negotiations, we make management efficient by saving countless amounts of downstream hours for your study teams and the departments that support them.

Real-Time Reporting

Being that every transaction is captured in real time via Block Clinical, reporting is comprehensive and accurate.  Study managers can have dashboards and visualizations customized to prioritize information that is most valuable to them.

Drive Transparency with Block Clinical