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The 2.0 Platform for Patient Logistics Management

A non-disruptive technology that increases efficiencies in clinical trials.

BCI is intently focused on streamlining the myriad of logistics involved in traditional, virtual, and hybrid patient clinical visits. We strongly believe that ALL patients across ALL trial types deserve unmatched logistical tools and support. With patients at the forefront, we came to the conclusion that a comprehensive global solution was needed to increase efficiencies and overall quality for volunteers and those that care for them. Meet Block Clinical.


How we achieved that you ask?

Your customized Strategic Patient Logistics Program (SPLP) empowers you to create and implement solutions that leverage our technology to streamline patient support.

Our technology integrates with your internal and third-party patient service teams to drive efficiencies that improve the experience for patients, physicians, and payers.

% increase in on-time visits
% increase in productivity
% decreased costs

There is too much waste and inefficiency for it to be financially viable to offer all patients across all trial types the logistical services and support they deserve. We decided to change that. Patients come first, so we came to the conclusion that you need a global solution for all patients enrolled in the clinical trial. Meet Block Clinical.


Why Partner with
Block Clinical?

  • Identify detailed logistics activity: the full scope of a single patient visit multiplied across the scope of your entire enterprise and produce real-time reports for all trial logistical spend.
  • Calculate savings and return on investment for your study and sites through BCI’s leading study logistics software.
  • Financial visibility at your fingertips.
  • Ensure adherence to protocol schedule of events, financial, operational, and internal corporate policies.
  • Audit proof federal and industry GDPR, PII and Payment regulations.
  • Proactively prioritize patient volunteer welfare and safety for increased risk management.
  • Real-time spend tracking and utilization.
  • Leverage total spend with a preferred supplier network.
  • Reduce overall study logistical costs by up to 50%.

Our Leadership

Zac Carr

Zac has over 12 years of experience in meeting and event management, business development, and operations supporting clients within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As Client Services Manager for Gray Consulting, Inc. since 2010, he learned what his customers needed to excel. In 2015, Zac created and led the design and implementation team behind Clincierge®, the leader in the global trial performance improvement market, supporting ongoing clinical trials and patients in more than 40 countries and 30 languages. He was later responsible for business operations, strategic and financial planning, marketing, public relations, compliance, technology deployment, and support of business development.

Mike Lewis

Mike has over 20 years of professional software design and development. In 2007 he founded Ad-Juster a web-based provider of unified data reporting and analytics for digital advertising. The company’s software-as-a-service automates the aggregation of third-party reports on digital advertising campaigns. After successful development and launch, Ad-Juster grew quickly and in 2017 he sold Ad-Juster to pursue bigger passions. Mike set out to solve a large scale data privacy issue based on the philosophy that we as individuals should own our data, not organizations who use it for financial gains. The result, a new Social Media experience, 100% ad-free, where Users own their data start to finish.

Eric Nier

Eric Nier is a seasoned business and account development professional with over 20 years of experience with companies such as Ritz-Carlton which is where his focus on providing hospitality to patients derives from.  Most recently Eric helped develop a company focused on patient logistics fulfillment on a global scale and with the years of experience in working with clients in the clinical trial space, he has moved focus to automating the process through Block Clinical’s technology platform thus bringing the idea of a SPLP (Strategic Patient Logistics Program) to companies so that ALL patients volunteering for clinical trials are proactively supported. 


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